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Maury Postal, currently Group Creative Director, Social@Ogilvy, has helped guide the most distinguished brands in the world to find their voice on the social web. 

His work with BP, Ford Motor Company, Lincoln Motor Company,  PepsiCo, Nationwide, The Onion, The Peter G. Petersen Foundation,  Sears and VTech has been met with critical acclaim in the mainstream media and multi-screen social news space. 

Recently, he has been an integral part of the visual relaunch of the Lincoln Motor Company as a distinctive luxury brand. 

Maury has also been a key driver in developing training that is helping to evolve the way storytelling, creativity and design are woven into key deliverables within the worldwide Social@Ogilvy group.

An avid architecture aficionado, designer and photographer, Maury is also a student of mid-century modernism, new urbanism, and adaptive reuse.